Great Wiccan Spells For Protection From Prince Harry

wiccan spells for protectionThe origins of Wiccan magic is from my ancient Gerard Garden who was the first person in our family to carry the practice and founded the new pagan movement. From this Lineage comes Prince Harry a practicing Wiccan witch with wiccan spells for protection to protect from enemies and bad energy. This spell keep you safe by surrounding you with a protective layer of positive energy.

How to  get this Wiccan Spells For Protection?

This spell like so many others that i have is available to be get  just by a simple email. Not only this spell i have an unlimited list of spells that are both powerful and guaranteed to work. These spells are genuine as the word genuine  implies so don’t hesitate to get in touch through the form below. Alternative You can get in touch with me through using the Messaging App WhatsApp for a direct and faster response from me. Looking forward to hearing from you. You can get this powerful spell and many others  just send me an email on or My WhatsApp on +256 708 509 369 or by send me message through the form below.

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How To perform the wiccan spells for protection?

This is a powerful and dark magic spell that will protect you until the day you break it. This spell has a number of requirements that must be done before its is performed.


  • Candles
  • Honey
  • Salt(Sea Salt)
  • 5 Bones of a cow
  • chalk
  • Contact Prince Harry for The rest of the ingredients and directions

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