How to notices bad omens and what to do after

There are signs that we see in life that can warn us about upcoming trouble or problems. In this article i will show you how you can tell if something that has happened is a bad omen. If that is the case i will show you what to do and how to avoid that bad omen from impacting your life in a negative way. Hi i called Prince Harry and i have been casting spells for as long as i was young man. Through my illustrious career as a spell caster i have helped many people have their dreams come true. Be those dreams be about money, love, career advancement and so much. I have opened the doors for success for so many people and they are now living their dreams. I guarantee to help you grow both financially and spiritually.

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What Bad Omens Should You Take Notice Of 

I’m going to list below some of the most obvious omens that you can take notice of to prepare yourself for hardships a head.

  • A twitch on of the eye lids. This is something that will happen to you when you going to face a hardship that is going to break you down and make you cry. It can either the left or right eye.
  • Finding a Dead cat. If you found a dead cat on the side of the road. This is a big bad omen.
  • Contact me as i will tell you more omens and what to do if you find them. I will provide you with ways of mitigating them.

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