Potions from Prince Batte Love Fountain

Potions A love potions does not require powerful spell casting abilities but rather just needs be put on the person you want it to work on. Through his life changing powerful love dose, that can make any one fall in love with you and so much more. The beauty of a love portion is in its application.

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I have a long list of spells and potions that I have used over the years to help different people to make their dreams come true. Don’t hesitate to use the contact form below in case of any questions that you may have. Further more I can be reached alternatively through my WhatsApp Contact. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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The Types of Potions Sold By Prince Harry

There are basically two types of portions that are sold by the Prince of Love. These include edible and non-edible brew. The use case scenario dictates the type of spell that you will use.

  • Edible remedies are the most effective and powerful potions when it comes to love enchantment. The moment the potion consumed by the love crush. They are bitten by the love bug. They normally take between 3-4 days to take effect and the results are long lasting.
  • Non-edible potion. These are commonly used in protection charms to keep someone safe. They are also used very much in spiritual cleansing baths, money spells and more.


My Potions Can Help You

Let there be no doubt my potions will solve any problem that want fixed. Further more the moment you take the step of contacting me your half way to solving all you problems and ailments. So in case you have any questions please contact me Now. There is nothing that i can’t help you over come my spells and portion.