one type of sex

Spell To Help Couples That Give Birth To Children Of Only One Type Of Sex.

Are you in a relationship with your husband/wife and you both give birth to children of only one type of sex? This problem might be on either you or your love partner, Prince Harry has got a magical spell to help you give birth to children of different types of sex, this spell will require a baby’s cloth, your hair strands, 2 red candles and rose oil in a black bowl inorder for my spell to work and prevent you from giving birth to only one type of sex.

During the spell casting,if you have been giving birth to only boys,you must say out the type of sex you want to have this time and vice verse and after a period when your done having sexual intercourse with your love partner, you will go for checkup in the hospital to see for yourself the type of sex your unborn baby is in your womb or your lover’s womb.

For the need of a spell to help couples who give birth to only one type of sex, contact Prince Harry via my Email or contact me via my WhatsApp or Twitter.

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